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kilka nowości ,głównie dot. Kingsów.


Holmgren wskazał, że nie będzie opowiadał u kogo trenował, z kim rozmawiał. Pytany o Kings powiedział, że chętnie zagrałby z Sabonisem i Foxem ( czy to kurtuazja czy prawdziwa chęć cholera wie).

Ivey chyba trochę pogadał z agentami lub też ze swoim rozumiem i stwierdził, iż będzie szczęśliwy gdziekolwiek trafi.

Podobno Pistons są bardzo zainteresowani i będzie probowali przesunąć się wyżej w drafcie, żęby wlasnie pozyskać Ivey'a i połączyć go z Cade'em. Podobno też może być tradeowanie Jeremim Grantem. Pojawia się możliwość wlasnie trade z kings i  4 za 6  i włączenie w to w jakiś sposób Granta,  - na ile to prawdziwe nie wiem i w jakiej formule.

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To już jutro. 

raport rodaka:

  • Highly polished combo forward with an arsenal of complementary skills. One of the best 6’8’’+ passers in this class and an already dangerous spot up player. Has high level role player skills and the age + frame to easily envision developing into more.
  • Consistent track record of play in his semi-pro career overseas, his development has combined some of the best academy-level skill development of Europe with the athleticism and exposure to high-level talent of the American prep system.
  • Has forced his way into more and more minutes as the season has gone on for a very deep and talented Baylor team. An 18 year old supplanting fourth and fifth year returning players on the defending national champions is something to pay attention to.
  • Gritty defensive player with both good instincts and a great frame to build off of. Already proved himself to be the bane of an opposing fanbase during the UNC game this tournament, a role he will likely fulfill for whatever playoff teams he ends up on. A player opposing teams will become very tired of playing against in a 7 game series.
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16 godzin temu, ignazz napisał:

raport rodaka:

Very well-traveled in his youth. Sochan was born in Oklahoma to an American father and a Polish mother and grew up in England. Played at La Lumiere for high school and was considered a terrific prospect, but during the pandemic, he decided to leave the United States and went to play with a German team Orange Academy. Committed to Baylor as a slight mystery because of that but exploded on the scene as one of the best defensive prospects in the country.

Won the Big 12 Sixth Man of the Year award and made the Big-12 All-Freshman team. Has represented the Polish national team at youth and senior levels.Great size for a versatile wing forward at 6-foot-9 with a 7-foot-plus wingspan. Very coordinated athlete with great lateral speed and quickness. Light on his feet. The term “functional” comes to mind. Not wildly explosive off two feet but has some twitch and 
moves well.
Where Sochan’s athletic gifts show up best right now is on defense. Has more upside defensively than any non-center in this class. He’s terrific on that end for his size, largely because of his movement skills. Lateral quickness stands out. Extremely active 

Has very real switchability. Genuine one through five defender. Quick enough to contain ones and contest shots while 
also strong enough to defend all but the biggest fives – as he showed late in the year when starting center Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua went out. Very fluid through his hips and light on his feet. So good at keeping his chest square to his man and can 
get his chest into a ballhandler’s space. Guards ballhandlers well and gets through screens by getting skinny and over the top. 
That means he’ll be scheme-versatile, able to play in drop schemes or switch schemes or as a versatile chess piece allowing you to do both.
He can drop his hips if he gets beaten and then turn and recover with his length. Aggressive too. Often looks like he’s closing out heavily to his man but can stop and cut off driving angles and confuse ballhandlers. If he does get beat, he’s great at contesting shots from behind. Always has his hands doing different things. He can get into a ballhandler’s dribble, making them fly up to his man’s eye line, and is always ready to have hands high to contest pull-up shots against him once he’s contained.

On top of it, he’s an exceptional team defender. Has great anticipation. Excellent rotationally and disrupts actions. Forces turnovers by shooting passing lanes and gets some real deflections. Can’t make lazy passes around him. Also, can’t throw long, 
looping cross-court passes. He’s always ready to be there to try to force turnovers. Rotates on the weak side at the basket and blocks the occasional shot. Also has good mechanics for getting as big and long as possible at the rim and using his verticality. 
Sochan is genuinely an All-Defense upside defensive player.

Offensively, he is a work-in-progress but has impressive tools. For his size, has some real versatility allowing him to be a chess piece that you can move around on offense. Can be the ballhandler in screen-and-rolls as well as the screener. Shows real grab-and-go ability in the open floor to start the break. In the half court, understands how to get an angle and drive to the rim with good extension to cover ground quickly. Knows how to put defenders off balance with pump-fakes and jab steps, and it doesn’t 
take much for him to beat a defender because of his length and quickness combination. Also showed some flashes of midrange pull-up shooting at times. Made eight such shots this past season that were almost all impressive.
Had some impressive lay-in finishes that showcase touch. Finished very well around the rim on shots that were mostly assisted. 
Made 67.2 percent of his half-court attempts at the basket, with a lot of dunks in traffic. Largely a two-foot jumper but has good timing cutting and finding the open areas for passing angles. Can adjust in mid-air and change the angle because of good hang 
time, strength and that touch. Finally, makes some good passing reads. Not an incredible live-dribble passer but showcases real upside for his size and youth level. Can collapse defenders and make reads on the fly at times. Plays an unselfish brand of basketball.

The swing skill is shooting. He hit 33.3 percent of his half-court catch-and-shoot jumpers on a relatively small sample size of only two per game, which does showcase some real potential for improvement. But he doesn’t look all that comfortable taking them yet, hence the volume. Made only 30 half-court jumpers all year, per Synergy. Looks a bit robotic in terms of mechanics. 
Major ball dip to get into rhythm. Seems to bring it across his face a little bit and has some bad right-to-left misses. Trajectory can be a bit of a moon ball or a bit of a line drive. A bit of a two-motion shot and has a very small hitchy thing while bringing it across his face but seems to have real touch. 
Having said that, he’s also been a sub-60 percent free-throw shooter in his career, which would work toward speaking against his touch.

There isn’t a ton of numerical evidence that Sochan will be a shooter. But the mechanics and tape look workable and 
fixable to where he can at least be a threat. It’s a very complicated evaluation, and I’d very much like to see Sochan end up with a team that has a prior track record of shooting improvement. If he doesn’t shoot, there could be some real concerns about 
where he provides value offensively.

His aggressiveness on defense is good, but he does need to reign it in a touch. Falls for all sorts of pump fakes. Had some  foul-heavy moments and some moments that took him out of plays. Could stand to better balance the staying solid positionally with disruptiveness.

As you can see, Sochan’s strengths list is much longer than the weaknesses list. I’m very high on Sochan’s game and would be willing to bet on him pretty high on draft night. If Sochan shoots, the ceiling is through the roof.

Due to his disruptiveness, size and quickness, he has a real chance to be an All-Defense-caliber guy. He can handle and be versatile on offense, and it feels like he’s just scratching the surface of what his long-term potential is on that end. The NBA covets guys who are 6-foot-9 with this kind of defensive upside, and the 2022 playoffs showed how important versatile defenders are in today’s league. If you buy into Sochan’s potential to shoot at all, there are some potential star outcomes here that could make him a worthwhile investment.

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9 minut temu, january napisał:

No nie wiem, ja od razu pisałem, że pójdzie w okolicach late 1st cena, bo Pistons idą w Wembanyamę.

Ale czytałem tu wywody jak to 7 pick to easy cena za Jeramiego i aż cofnąłem się w czasie do dyskusji o value Drummonda :D 

a kto niby cos takiego pisal? cos sie tobie najwyrazniej uroilo. zreszta, to prawie nigdy nie jest tak, ze obie strony dostaja to samo value. a juz taki gm jak weaver, predzej pojdzie na reke graczom, niz bedzie 'zydzic'. o takich wymianach, wbrew pozorom, decyduje sporo zmiennych...

edit: to byl trejd po pieniadze! pisalem o takiej mozliwosci jakis czas temu (gdy pytalem jednego z fanow ptb na e-nba o trade exception)! mamy dodatkowe 21 baniek! dziekuje! 😄...

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