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Redraft 2010 nba


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Mam nadzieje że mnie nie zablokują ale dziś przeglądałem swoje ESPN Insider i znalazłem taką oto ciekawostkę

1. Washington Wizards | Actual Pick: John Wall
Amin Elhassan's pick: Wall | David Thorpe's pick: Wall

Thorpe: He's easily the most unique player in this draft class, and a rough start to his career seems to be past him, as he's finally been able to overcome injuries and the toxic locker room of his earlier years to blossom into one of the game's top young point guards.

Elhassan: The Wizards chose wisely. Wall is the best passer among all of the "uber-athletic" point guards in the NBA, and he has the potential to be a dominant defensive player as well. His learning curve has been exciting to watch.

2. Philadelphia 76ers | Actual Pick: Evan Turner
Elhassan's pick: Paul George | Thorpe's pick: DeMarcus Cousins

Elhassan: George has developed into one of the top two-way players in the league, and I would have loved to see him line up alongside Andre Iguodalain what would have been the best perimeter defensive tandem in the NBA. George also would benefit from playing alongside two playmakers (Iguodala and Jrue Holiday), focusing his efforts offensively in catch-and-shoot and coming off screens rather than trying to create off the dribble.

Thorpe: Philly desperately needed a franchise big man to pair with Iguodala and Holiday, and Cousins would have made Thaddeus Young a far better power forward. The Philly fans would have made Cousins grow up faster than the Kings did, that's for sure. Paul George is great, but I don't love him next to Iguodala.

3. New Jersey Nets | Actual Pick: Derrick Favors
Elhassan's pick: DeMarcus Cousins | Thorpe's pick: Paul George

Thorpe: I understand the Nets taking Favors, and remember that George has grown (we suspect) since being drafted. Incredible. In football you need cornerbacks when your main competition has great receivers, and so it is in the NBA when guys such as LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are in your path. George always projected to be a wing stopper and as we know now he's also a special offensive talent.

Elhassan: The reason I dropped Cousins from No. 2 is, despite all his talent, I'm not convinced he "gets" it, and the extreme sense of entitlement coupled with the instability of the Sixers franchise at the time would have been a recipe for disaster. But he's still an elite talent.


4. Minnesota Timberwolves | Actual Pick: Wesley Johnson
Elhassan's pick: Derrick Favors | Thorpe's pick: Favors

Elhassan: I've often said I'd rather have Favors than Cousins as a surer bet long term and a much better defender. Minnesota didn't get the chance to draft him, but if it had, he would have made a marvelous combination withKevin Love as a defensive protector and excellent finisher.

Thorpe: I don't see Favors as a perfect complement to Love, but he is too good to pass on here. Miami is showing that you can win big without standard 4s and 5s, and Love's shooting skill helps Favors grow to be a better bucket-getter because of the space he'd have to operate.


5. Sacramento Kings | Actual Pick: DeMarcus Cousins
Elhassan's pick:
Eric Bledsoe | Thorpe's pick: Bledsoe

Thorpe: This is a case where the player is probably fortunate to have been drafted lower than he should have been. Bledsoe needed time to grow and learn, and the ugly situation in Sacramento might have hurt him (which is your point on the Sixers and Cousins). His incredible energy adds so much to his team and represents the new style of guard in the NBA. Explosive and dynamic.

Elhassan: I couldn't agree more, Coach. I shudder to think what would have happened to his development curve in Sacramento, but it's hard to pass him up knowing his talent.


6. Golden State Warriors | Actual Pick: Ekpe Udoh
Elhassan's pick: Gordon Hayward | Thorpe's pick: Greg Monroe

Elhassan: Although Don Nelson already was checked out in 2010, I still would have loved to see what kind of creative lineups he could have concocted with a big shooting wing who can play-make like Hayward.

Thorpe: Monroe could have given the Warriors significant help inside on both ends of the court. His passing skills would complement Stephen Curry as well. On a good team, Monroe's unique talents would stand out even more.


7. Detroit Pistons | Actual Pick: Greg Monroe
Elhassan's pick:
 Monroe | Thorpe's pick:
 Larry Sanders

Thorpe: With Monroe off the board, Detroit would go with Sanders. He's limited in many respects but his shot-blocking skills are at an elite level. And when you can draft someone at No. 7 in a weak draft who has an elite skill, you do it.

Elhassan: Monroe still ends up in Detroit for me. I love his skill level and size, but hate his lack of defensive ability and limited range. Lots of polish, but how high is his ceiling?


8. Los Angeles Clippers | Actual Pick: Al-Farouq Aminu
Elhassan's pick: Ed Davis | Thorpe's pick: Davis

Elhassan: I've liked Davis' game for a while, and in a weird way, I feel like his development has been reversed. Instead of learning from backing up an All-Star early and earning his playing time later, Davis played a lot as a youngster and not as much recently. In L.A., he could have been the perfect "third big" in their rotation, giving the Clippers a lot of diverse lineup possibilities.

Thorpe: Great call on Davis. Just when he appeared to be a breakout guy in Toronto he was sent to Memphis for Rudy Gay. His talent for rebounding, shot-blocking and paint finishes will end up serving some team well as a starting power forward.


9. Utah Jazz | Actual Pick: Gordon Hayward
Elhassan's pick: Lance Stephenson | Thorpe's pick: Hayward

Thorpe: I thought Utah would take him early in the spring of 2010 as both a small forward and a shooting guard. Hayward has not yet realized his considerable potential, but he is a good fit there without doubt.

Elhassan: I first saw Stephenson as an eighth grader at the ABCD camp in New Jersey, and it was very apparent the only thing that would prevent a talent of that magnitude from making it would be the hubris of himself and his circle. He's never looked as good as he does now, and a lot of that is because of the tough love administered by the man who drafted him, Larry Bird. Stephenson would have received the same kind of strict treatment in Utah, which would have been good for his career.


10. Indiana Pacers | Actual Pick: Paul George
Elhassan's pick:
Quincy Pondexter | Thorpe's pick: Patrick Patterson

Elhassan: I'll admit, I wasn't sold on Pondexter in college, a scorer who feasted on post play and drawing fouls from inferior competition. He has reinvented himself as a tough defender who is developing into a reliable corner 3-point shooter, and would have fit nicely in Indiana.

Thorpe: I have always seen Patterson as a Udonis Haslem with a better perimeter game coming out of college. He still represents that to me, and would fit Indy's schemes perfectly. Perhaps with Patterson in the fold, Indy could have spent some more money on a shooting guard who fits the Pacers better than Stephenson does, rather than on David West.


11. New Orleans Hornets | Actual Pick: Cole Aldrich
Elhassan's pick: Greivis Vasquez | Thorpe's pick: Avery Bradley

Thorpe: Here's where this draft gets sketchy. Bradley has been stuck in some strange situations in Boston, but his potential is that of a starting level point guard. In New Orleans he would have gotten chances to play right away as a backup to a legend who did not harbor title dreams, and thus he would have been allowed to fail a bit more.

Elhassan: Vasquez is another guy who's done better for himself on the pro level than I thought he would. A scoring playmaker in college, I saw him in a Manu Ginobili mold, albeit much, much, much less athletic. He's successfully made the transition to point guard, and while I'm not convinced he's starting caliber, his placement this high speaks to how shallow I feel this draft class was.


12. Memphis Grizzlies | Actual Pick: Xavier Henry
Elhassan's pick: Larry Sanders | Thorpe's pick: Lance Stephenson

Elhassan: The talent is there as a rim protector, but like Cousins, Sanders has a host of behavioral issues, as well as a healthy dose of delusional self-appraisal. Going to Memphis, playing for the strict Lionel Hollins and behind All-Star talents in Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol, would have straightened him out.

Thorpe: I always think great leaders can absorb strange behavior guys, and with "Z-Bo," Marc Gasol, Tony Allen and Mike Conley, it's hard to imagine that Stephenson wouldn't have grown into a better player than he has thus far in his career. His athletic power and playmaking talent help Memphis immediately in 2010.


13. Toronto Raptors | Actual Pick: Ed Davis
Elhassan's pick:
 Evan Turner | Thorpe's pick:
 Greivis Vasquez

Thorpe: I'm with you on Vasquez. I love guys who lack athletic talent yet still find ways to be significant contributors, especially on the perimeter. He has figured it out, and in this draft, being able to acquire a future sixth man/backup point guard would have been a plus. You can't expect to hit home runs on great pitches, singles do just fine. So it is with weak drafts and late lottery picks.

Elhassan: He's been a lightning rod for criticism this year, and hasn't come close to fulfilling the promise that was expected of him, but you have to respect his versatility and he is a tremendous rebounder as a wing. Maybe without being saddled with the expectations that come along with being a top-two pick, he'd be more comfortable developing into a high-level role player.


14. Houston Rockets | Actual Pick: Patrick Patterson
Elhassan's pick:
 Avery Bradley | Thorpe's pick:
 Xavier Henry

Elhassan: The man New York Daily News writer Frank Isola affectionately calls "Average Bradley" is a high-level defensive player who can guard up a position. Unfortunately, I agree with Isola's assessment on the offensive end, where his midrange game doesn't quite extend to the 3-point line and he lacks the playmaking to be a full-time point guard. He is what he is: a good defensive combo guard.

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Zapomniałem dodać to powstało jakieś 5 dni temu też mnie zdziwiło jak ktos może stawiać Walla ponad PG albo Pattersona ponad Lancem



I tak dobrze że nie wrzucałem tutaj redraftu 2008 bo tam to dopiero są kurde krzaczki typu De Andre Jordan z nr 5

Edytowane przez ely3
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Takie zestawienia po latach zawsze są ciekawe, a 4 lata wydają się już odpowiednim czasem na jakieś oceny. Osobiście, przynajmniej do pewnego momentu, bardziej zgadzam się z Thorpem (chociaż zamieniłbym PG z Wallem miejscami). Dalej już mniej, szczególnie jeśli chodzi o Lance'a. Nie wiem co robi tak wysoko Pati Patterson. 


Najlepsze jest to, że jeszcze rok temu ta kolejność byłaby całkiem inna. Sanders na bank byłby wyżej, Vasquez prawdopodobnie też, a Lance i Bledose niżej.

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Przecież Wall>George i nawet mi brewka nie pyknie. PG jest bardzo dobrym obrońcą, ale w ataku jest rzuca nieregularnie i przetrzymuje piłę nawet dłużej od Walla. Wall jest przejebanym atletą, dobrym obrońcą (zwłaszcza jak na PG), szybki jak sk****syn, elegancko penetruje i rozgrywa i ciągle poprawia rzut. Dowodzenie Wizards też mu dobrze wychodziło. Wyobraźcie sobie gdzie byliby Wiz z Georgem, a gdzie Pacers z Wallem. Cousins przed Paulem tez mnie nie dziwi.

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A co Wall nie jest nieregularny? W playoffs rzucał ze słabą skutecznością, miał zarówno dobre mecze, jak i kiepskie. Podejmował czasami bardzo dziwne decyzje (G2 z Pacers, Wizz mogli to jeszcze wygrać, ale trójki Walla w pierwszych sekundach akcji przesądziły o ich porażce). Jak dla mnie zagrał bardzo średnio w playoffs. Można mówić wiele o George'u, owszem nie zawsze był regularny, ale playoffy zagrał imo dobre. Miał kilka na prawdę dobrych spotkań - a szczególnie G5 z Heat. PG jest dobrym zawodnikiem two way - świetnym obrońcą i niezłym strzelcem, musi stać się tylko bardziej regularny.

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Przecież Wall>George i nawet mi brewka nie pyknie. PG jest bardzo dobrym obrońcą, ale w ataku jest rzuca nieregularnie i przetrzymuje piłę nawet dłużej od Walla. Wall jest przejebanym atletą, dobrym obrońcą (zwłaszcza jak na PG), szybki jak sk****syn, elegancko penetruje i rozgrywa i ciągle poprawia rzut. Dowodzenie Wizards też mu dobrze wychodziło. Wyobraźcie sobie gdzie byliby Wiz z Georgem, a gdzie Pacers z Wallem. Cousins przed Paulem tez mnie nie dziwi.


jednak mimo, że w systemie Indiany PG przerósł Walla to obawiałbym się czy byłby od początku liderem w Wizz

oceniając ich po czasie trzeba jednak spojrzeć na środowisko do którego by trafili...

dodatkowo na redrafcie najwięcej straciło by spurs


Wall w Indianie przekreśla trejd Leonarda do Indiany za Hilla ;-)


zabawa niezla

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Jaram się od dłuższego czasu redraftami na rgm i w sumie dziwi mnie, że jeszcze nikt u nas nie ruszył ze swoim redraftem, szczegółnie, że pojawił się taki temat. Nie przyglądam się potrzebom drużyn, robię listę top30 grajków, którzy dołączyli do ligi w drafcie 2010.

mam nadzieję, że jakieś redrafty ruszą ;]



1. Paul George 2. John Wall 3. DeMarcus Cousins 4. Derrick Favors 5. Eric Bledsoe 6. Lance Stephenson 7. Greg Monroe 8. Larry Sanders 9. Gordon Hayward  10. Avery Bradley 11. Greivis Vasquez 12. Jeremy Lin 13. Ed Davis 14. Patrick Patterson 15. Evan Turner 16. Quincy Pondexter 17. Al-Farouq Aminu 18. Jordan Crawford 19. Kévin Séraphin 20. Xavier Henry 21. Wesley Johnson 22. Landry Fields 23. Alexey Shved 24. Trevor Booker 25. Elliot Williams 26. James Anderson 27. Cole Aldrich 28. Luke Babbitt 29. Daniel Orton 30. Jeremy Evans
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Pamiętam jak się jarałem Turnerem i Johnsone, zresztą nie byłem w tym odosobniony, Turnera tyo wiele osób widziało jako superstara ... niesamowite że mozna się tak pomylić. Sanders po ostatnim sezonie nie powinien być tak wysoko, Davis nad Haywardem to tez jakaś kpina i to niezaleznie czy gdyby dostał większą szanse to by cos pokazał mówimy o stanie faktycznym na tu i teraz, ogólnie ten Thorpe to jakiś debil Cus ponad PG przecież to kompletny nonsens.


1-PG 2-Wall 3-Fav 4-Cus 5- Monroe 6- Bledsoe 7-Hay 8- Stephenson 9- Sanders 10- Davis 11- Bradley 12- Lin 13- Turner 14- Paterson 15- Vasquez 16 - Twaróg 17-Seraphin 18- Johnson 19 - Pondexter 20- Henry 21- Evans 22- Fields 23- Booker 24- Shved 25- Anderson 26- Aldrich 27- Crowford 28- Orton 29- Alabi 30- Wiliams


ps. Indy draft na 6, poprostu coś mega żeby z takimi pickami tak fajnie pocisnąć

Edytowane przez elwariato
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W sumie można jak teraz finały się skończyły zrobić na forum jakieś redrafty dla funu. Ale raczej nie 10', mało ciekawy. Najbardziej w sumie się do tej zabawy nadają 84, 96 i 08 jako, że jest w nich sporo ciekawych i dobrych zawodników, przy kolejności których można się zastanawiać. Bo np. 03 mimo, że całkiem mocny, to do tej zabawy byłby nudny.

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pomysł z redraftem jest na prawdę dobry, jestem za ! 


Pamiętam jak się jarałem Turnerem i Johnsone, zresztą nie byłem w tym odosobniony, Turnera tyo wiele osób widziało jako superstara ... 

też mocno się jarałem Turnerem, widziałem w nim na prawdę dobrego zawodnika, aż śmieszne się to teraz wydaje :) myślałem, że jak poprawi tylko swój rzut, to będzie na stówę all starem :)

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1. Paul George

2. John Wall

3. DeMarcus Cousins

4. Eric Bledsoe

5. Derrick Favors

6. Gordon Hayward

7. Larry Sanders

8. Lance Stephenson

9. Greg Monroe

10. Greivis Vasquez

11. Avery Bradley

12. Patrick Patterson

13. Jeremy Lin

14. Evan Turner

15. Al-Farouq Aminu

16. Ed Davis

17. Kevin Seraphin

18. Xavier Henry

19. Jordan Crawford

20. Quincy Pondexter

21. Trevor Brooker

22. Wesley Johnson

23. Ekie Udoh ( świetny obrońca, wierze że jeszcze się odbuduje )

24. Landry Fields

25. Alexey Shved

26. Luke Babbitt

27. James Anderson

28. Cole Aldrich

29. Daniel Orton

30. Elliot Williams 

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