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Signs & Cuts

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wyniki waiver'ow:

Nuggets sign Josh Carter

Nuggets cut Jan Vesely

Nuggets sign Derrick Brown


Knicks sign Nick Young


Raptors sign Al Thornton

Raptors sign Jake McLendon

Raptors sign Rickey Brown


Rockets sign Ron Steele

Rockets cut Xavier Henry

Rockets sign Amir Johnson


Celtics sign Gilbert Arenas


Blazers sign Dijon Thompson

Blazers sign Willie Warren

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Chicago Bulls



Andray Blatche -> IR

Maurice Ager -> IR


PS. Też mam u siebie podczepionego emeryta - Dirk Nowitzki

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Magic sign R.Turiaf,J.Johnson,Damion James.


Ustawiłem już skład na dzisiaj więc aktualizacja może być po simce,albo jutro.:)

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wyniki waiverów


Dołączona grafika

Dallas Mavericks:


  • Kalin Lucas[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Russell Cross[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Sidney Green[/*:m:3p4a1js3]

Dołączona grafika

Seattle Sonics:


  • Chris Kaman[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Al-Farouq Aminu[/*:m:3p4a1js3]

Dołączona grafika

Los Angeles Lakers:


  • Dijon Thompson[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Darington Hobson[/*:m:3p4a1js3]

Dołączona grafika

Philadelphia 76ers:


  • Sean Banks[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Sasha Kaun[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Shannon Brown[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Martell Webster[/*:m:3p4a1js3]

Dołączona grafika

Houston Rockets:


  • Eddy Curry[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Gani Lawal[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Tony Woods[/*:m:3p4a1js3]

Dołączona grafika

Sacramento Kings:


  • Rickey Brown[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Sasha Pavlovic[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Rodney McCray[/*:m:3p4a1js3]

Dołączona grafika

Chicago Bulls:


  • Predrag Samardziski[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Amir Jonhson[/*:m:3p4a1js3]


aktualna wiaver list:

  • New Orleans Hornets[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Detroit Pistons[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Portland Trailblazers[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Miami Heat[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Orlando Magic[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Indiana Pacers[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • San Antonio Spurs[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Los Angeles Clippers[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Milwaukee Bucks[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Clevaland Cavaliers[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • New York Knicks[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Golden State Warriors[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Minnesota Timberwolves[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Memphis Grizzlies[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Boston Celtics[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Phenix Suns[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • New Jersey Nets[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Utah Jazz[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Atlanta Hawks[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Washington Wizards[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Toronto Raptors[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Denver Nuggets[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Seattle Sonics[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Los Angeles Lakers[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Chicago Bulls[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Dallas Mavericks[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Houston Rockets[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Sacramento Kings[/*:m:3p4a1js3]
  • Philadelphia 76ers[/*:m:3p4a1js3]

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